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Business Opportunity Meeting Warszawa, POLSKA, 9 listopada

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1 Business Opportunity Meeting Warszawa, POLSKA, 9 listopada

2 Melyn Campbell Thank you for inviting me to be here.
On my way here, I stopped for some fast food. A little old couple walked into the restaurant. The little old man walked up to the counter, ordered the food, paid, ant took the tray back to the table where the little old lady sat. On the tray was a hamburger, a small bag of fried and a drink. Carefully, the old man cut the hamburger in two, and divided the fries into two neat piles. He sipped the drink and passed it to the little old lady, who took a sip and passed it back. I watched the old couple and felt sorry for them. He offered to buy them another meal, but the old man politely declined, saying that they were used to sharing everything. the old man began to eat his food, but his wife sat still, not eating. I continued to watch the couple. I still felt I should be offering to help. As the little old man finished eating the old lady had still not started on her fool. ‘Ma’am, why aren’t you eating?” I asked sympathetically The old lady looked up and said politely, “I’m waiting for the teeth…” I am excited to share a few things with you today and hope you find some things worth “sinking your teeth” into.

3 Tak się postrzegam Just quickly, I will tell you a little about myself, I am the youngest of 5 children, and am fortunate to live by most of my family members. Although I look like a cute little girl here, I had my share of mischief. I also had my share of ugly hair days, and ugly stories….

4 When I was 12, I had both of my knees operated on
When I was 12, I had both of my knees operated on. I had two straight-leggedcasts on for 8 weeks. My sister’s wheelchair ride. Compare to this business.

5 3 zasady właściwej perspektywy
Oczekuj najlepszego Przygotuj się na najgorsze „Zobacz” co będzie…. When I was little my grandmother taught me 3 simple rules to manage my perspective on life. It took me a while to figure out what she really meant, and how she applied these rules, but now I have come to realize just how great these rules are and they have truly helped me in many areas of my life Those rules are: Expect the best: (explain) Prepare for the worst: (explain) See what is…. (explain) I’ll show you today how you can apply these rules of mindset to your experience of building a Nu Skin enterprises business.

6 Mechanika bycia liderem 10 prostych kroków na drodze do sukcesu
I believe there are two parts to becoming a leader: One is the Mechanics of Leadership. The steps you need to take and the steps you need your downline to follow in order to be successful. I have brought to share with you the 10 simple steps to success that my husband and I have followed and taught to our organization. Although they are simple, they are important. And Each step is ordered properly for continued success.

7 1. Dokonaj samorekrutacji Postaw przed sobą WIELKIE „PO CO”
Oczekuj najlepszego Przygotuj się na najgorsze „Zobacz” co będzie…. Step 1. Recruit yourself. Once you have truly recruited yourself, your belief will be so strong that you will not have any problem recruiting someone else. Part of recruiting yourself is to have a really big why. “Expect the Best” Something that overcomes fear. “Prepare for the worst” Fear of talking to other people, fear of what others might think, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success….. Something that will keep you on track to meet your goals and to always “see what is” First time skiing story: I learned about really big “why’s” the first time I went skiing.

8 2. Daj się wyszkolić Czy dasz się wyszkolić?
The number one reason people fail in this business is because they are not coachable. Being coachable is not just following, but also learning Be willing to be open to learning new things from someone else and trying things that you are not necessarily comfortable trying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”

9 3. Ułóż zobie listę Zacznij od 200 kontaktów i numerów telefonów
Kogo znam? Zacznij od 200 kontaktów i numerów telefonów “*” Twoja LISTA NA WYPADEK GDYBYŚ TCHÓRZYŁ (30. potencjalnie największych liderów) wciąż przedłużaj listę – to bardzo ważne! Although the physical task of writing names on a piece of paper is easy, many people find making a list is very difficult… WHY? If they write down the name, they may have to talk to them. All you are doing is writing down the name. That’s it. No pain. They think they know who will say yes, and who will say no. You really don’t know. Don’t determine the outcome before you know the outcome. If they write down a list, then they could run out of people to talk to. You can always find new people to talk to. This is the best part of our business! And the funnest.

10 A gdyby było nudno... „Ale systemu zraszaczy nie wolno wykorzystywać do budzenia słuchaczy”

11 4. JUŻ TERAZ zacznij się kontaktować
entuzjastycznie według systemu wykorzystaj sponsora You cant say the wrong thing to the right person, Cant say the right thing to the wrong person Be enthusiastic. ( FIRE! Story) Eric Weihenmayer: 1st Blind man to climb mt. everest. Had no systems. Needed systems to cross a crevass, or climb the face. Once he had systems, he cut time off of tasks from 11 hours down to 4 hours. Look to your upline for their system. Use the system and your upline to help you process your contacts. (leaders and Genie story) As you make contacts remember: Expect the best. Before you contact someone, determine what you expect the outcome to be. Expect the best. However, not everyone will say “yes” to you. Some may in time, but some may never. In fact, some may even “reject” you. Prepare for the worst. What is the worst that can happen? NO (story: Waitress and cups of coffee) Prepare for the worst and then… See what is…don’t take it personal if they say no. Don’t take it personal if they say yes but don’t do anything. See what is and act accordingly.

12 5. Wypełnij swój rurociąg
Bądź konsekwentny! ciurkać czy tryskać If you want to create an income that will pay you month after month, you need to pay attention to step 5: Fill your Pipeline. Prospecting is like filling a pipeline with water. The more you put in the front, the more that comes out the back. The question is: What do you want coming out of your pipeline? A trickle? Or a gusher? If you don’t consistently parade people in front of this opportunity, your pipeline could run dry. It’s easy to have excuses for not keeping your pipeline filled. One of my favorite speakers is a man named Jim Rohn. He talks about reasons to not work: Sick and Tired Broke Ugly Stupid This is a numbers game: I contact 10 and get 10. You contact 10 and get 1. You can still beat me if you contact 110 and get 11, right? Expect the best, Prepare for the worst, See what is… it’s just a numbers game.

13 6. Znaj swój kolejny krok - Koncentruj swoją wizję na przyszłości!
- W kolejnym kroku znajdź miejsce dla: - siebie - potencjalnych klientów - tych, których sponsorujesz - swoich klientów The more you keep your pipeline filled, the more you need to know your next step. What’s next for you? Qualification? Ruby? Diamond? Blue Diamond? Team Elite? For your Prospects? Invite? Present? Enroll? Downline? Qualification? Ruby? Team Elite? Customers? Product? Followup? Next Order? Keep your Vision on the Future (your Why) but keep your site on the next step. I was at the border between USA and Mexico to cross into a town just over the mexico border, Tiajuana. The lines were very long to drive across, so we decided to park our car on US side and walk across. It was windy and I found myself looking down to protect my eyes. I just kept looking at the ground, and then all of a sudden, I found myself flat on the ground. I had walked right into a road sign. It took me right down. I had forgotten my vision for where I was going, and only focused on my site for the next step. Expect the best (keep people on track) Prepare for the worst (don’t be surprised by people) and See what is…(don’t spend time on the wrong people)

14 7. Bądź poinformowany i przeszkolony
Tak zaczynamy wszyscy… …a takimi możemy się stać! It is also important that you stay informed and trained. Now notice, this is not one of the first things on the list. Being informed and trained is very important, BUT, if we focus on that too much, especially in the beginning we can stunt our growth while waiting to be informed and trained. This is how we all start…. In time as you work on the other steps and stay informed and trained then… …This is how we can become… Well, not me, I don’t think I look like that….. But you know what I mean.

15 podziel się swoja opowieścią
8. Osobiste świadectwo podziel się swoja opowieścią Step 8 Personal Testimonials. So often people ask me what to say to people about the business. One of the easiest things you can to is to use the products and then enthusiastically share your story about those products. People who know you will see your genuine enthusiasm and will be curious at to why you are so excited.

16 Konwencja międzynarodowa
9. Buduj do imprezy Konwencja międzynarodowa co miesiąc co tydzień Step 9 Build to the event. Events are great. I love events. Events cause you to work toward a deadline. They give you a sense of urgency you can pass on to your prospect to come to the event. Events like the one here today are great to build to, but you can create events for yourself or as a team on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Building to the event is something very duplicatable. Anyone can invite someone to an event. And, in many cases, an event does a much better job recruiting someone than you or I could do on our own. (talk about our recent convention in USA) codziennie

17 10. Zostań wspaniałym liderem
Podejmij odpowiedzialność: naśladuj szkol As you follow all these steps, then the last and final step is to be great leader. You cant lead or ask someone to do something you haven’t done yourself. A leader must take responsibility to: follow their leaders, train themselves and others, lead, and duplicate. Many beginning leaders think they must pull everyone along John Maxwell “ Follow me, I am right behind you” You cant push a rope prowadź powielaj!

18 10 prostych kroków do sukcesu
Oh, and one last thing One time after a training, I had a distributor drive me to the airport. In the car, they thanked me for the training and said they were so glad to speak with me alone. Then she said, “OK, now that we are alone, you can tell me” I said “Tell you what?” “You can tell me the real secret to building this business” So do you guys all want to know what I shared with her? Do you want to know the real secret? The secret is: There is no secret. Just principles, that if you will follow… like have a really BIG WHY, and BE COACHABLE… these simple steps will lead you and your team to success. You make the difference. You and your enthusiasm!

19 Duch ludzki Każdy człowiek ma wyjątkowego ducha ludzkiego, i właśnie to „prawdziwe ja” INSPIRUJE! I believe that everyone has a unique human spirit and that “Genuine Self” is inspiring. Some of us have a “ genuine self” that is hidden behind barriers of protection like fear, or shyness, or knowledge. Some of us just automatically show our “genuine self” no matter who we are with, or what situation we are in. Looking for the “genuine self” in others has become a fun thing for me to do. Look around, or think of those you know who seem to draw people toward them. They are fun to be around, and you feel comfortable being yourself around them. If you are not sure what I am talking about, let me give you some examples that helped me learn this principle.

20 dzieci CHILDREN: Children are always showing their “genuine self” no matter where they are or whom they are with. They have fun, they ask lots of questions, they laugh at themselves and others, they play, they dream, they forgive and forget.

21 „Auto-Pilot” YOURSELF:
You can know your “genuine self” when you are on “auto-pilot” Do you know what I mean by “auto-pilot”? Most commercial airline pilots set the aircraft on “Auto Pilot” where the plane flies by itself. My husband and I use this same term to describe those moments in time when a person is their “genuine self”. You may recognize this when you are excercising, in the shower, driving the car, or just falling asleep. I find that during these times is when I feel closest to my dreams. I feel the strongest about my goals. And often, I get some of my best ideas in the shower while the rest of me is on “auto-pilot”! It is great practice time for me to find my “genuine self” and then stay in that “genuine self” all thoughout the day!

22 Moja Babcia Inni mi pokazali
I have known some great people who have been strong examples of always being their “genuine self” My grandmother was one of them. Although I never knew her when she looked like this. She was much older of course. I didn’t even see this picture of her until after her death, but as soon as I saw it, I knew this was a perfect reflection of my grandmother’s genuine self. Her humor, generosity, wisdom, and talents were all so unique to her. I always felt free to be myself around her.

23 Mój ukochany My Sweetie, I am so lucky to have him.
These pictures were taken on June 10th That was the day he proposed to me on top of the Eiffel tower. AS you can see, I was very very surprised. He has been a total inspiration to me. He is ALWAYS his genuine self. As my partner in the business, we both really enjoy looking for the “genuine self” in others and finding those who are attracted to our opportunity.

24 Moja przyjaciółka Patti
This is my dear friend Patty. As you can tell from these pictures, we were “partners in mischief”! I didn’t get to know her until about 12 years ago, but she has been very inspiring to me. She was her genuine self at all times, and she taught be how to be more like her and to see it in others. She was the first person I called when I returned from my engagement in Paris. I asked her to be my maid of honor at my wedding. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly only a few weeks later. But, her influence of being so genuine all the time has stayed with me.

25 Każdy ma szczególny talent…?
Każdy ma prawdziwe ja – swojego prawedziwego ducha ludzkiego! Often we hear people say: Everyone has a special talent….. I remember looking at leaders and seeing their talents – funny, smart, already successful, outgoing… I tried to copy those leaders only to find out that their talents were not my talents. Sometimes we struggle with knowing our special talent. I believe that everyone has a genuine self, and in finding that self, you will automatically, though your auto-pilot, release your talents. You may not even recognize those talents because you are busy just being you. Tell Frisbee Story

26 Szalki Petri’ego You will hear often that this business is about relationships…. And it is, but more importantly, this business is about the Human Spirit…It’s about discovering yours, and everyone you come in contact with. I like to compare it to a petri dish. I remember in school science classes we would experiement by growing things in a Petri dish. I believe this business is mostly a giant petri dish for personal growth. The journey of success here truly requires personal growth.

27 Znajdź to w innych Poszukaj ich „auto pilota”… będą Cię inspirować
Postępując tak, włączysz własnego „auto pilota”…będziesz inspirować If you don’t see it in yourself, look for it in others. Look for their Auto-pilot. You’ll be inspired. As you do, you will sllip into your own “auto-pilot” and you’ll be inspiring. THAT, I believe is the true nature of building this business – longterm.

28 Mnóstwo kapeluszy One final observation. AS you grow your business, you may feel like you are wearing a lot of different hats: Builder Hat: Get excited, sign up as Distributor, going to build an NSE business. Racehorse hat: You decide you want to really get going and finish qualifying as an Executive. BeeKeeper Hat: Then some of your distributors don’t finish their qualification. This really stings. Nurse Hat: So you feel you need to fix those distributors to keep them going. Armor: Then some of your distributors quit. This knocks you off your horse. Dunce Hat: Then you feel kind of stupid for thinking you could ever be successful in this business. Hunter: But you don’t want to quit. So you decide you are going to go hunting for only leaders to help you build the business. But you find that still some will, and some wont. Fisher: So you decide finally that you cant say the right thing to the wrong person nor the wrong thing to the right person and you decide to be a fisherman with your bait in the water at all times, prospecting daily, because you never know when someone is ready to be a part of your business. Lucky: Soon with some consistency and a little luck, your business starts to grow. Fire: As your oranization builds, you find yourself slipping into “management” and you fell like all you are doing is putting out fires in your group. Hard to wear all these hats isn’t it?

29 Niech się nie zsuwa... By the time you do all this, you will have earned a Ph.D. in human behavior and building a successful business. As you graduate to this level, just remember to keep that hat on straight. Balance wearing these hats and always remember that if you stop looking for the genuine self in others who are ready for a great business venture, then you will stop growing your business. Keep your hat on straight…

30 Przygotuj się na najgorsze
3 zasady Oczekuj najlepszego Przygotuj się na najgorsze „Zobacz” co będzie…. And your lenses clear: Remember: Expect the best Prepare for the worst And always “SEE” what is…

31 Nikt nie może wrócić i zacząć od nowa, ale każdy może zacząć od tego miejsca i stworzyć nowe zakończenie. - Dan Zadra My final favorite quote: No one can go back and make a brand new start, But anyone can start from here and make a brand new end. Thank you for allowing me to join you today.

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