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Introduction to Azelis Group

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1 Introduction to Azelis Group

2 About Azelis Leading distributor of speciality raw materials for Life Science and Industrial applications in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada & North Africa Ranked number 10 in the world1 Founded in 2001 Annual total sales circa €1bn Employs >1,000 people globally Industry-focused business model: Selective and focused business lines Synergistic product portfolios Dedicated commercial team In-house product and application knowledge Strong entrepreneurial culture and talents Azelis – Creating value, growing together 1 – Source: ICIS Chemical Business, Top 100 Chemical Distributors, July 2015 Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

3 Azelis in EMEA & Americas
Corporate service centre in Antwerp, Belgium Industry-dedicated sales organisation in countries. Pan- European sales coverage. 18 application laboratories Asset-light distribution model ● Azelis locations ● Azelis application labs Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

4 Azelis in Asia Pacific Corporate service centre in Antwerp, Belgium
Industry-dedicated sales organisations Locations: China, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam 3 application laboratories Asset-light distribution model ● Azelis locations ● Azelis application labs Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

5 Geographical and Business Spread
2014 sales by business sales by region Life Sciences 51.6% Industrial Chemicals 48.4% 1 Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia 2 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

6 Business Areas - Life Sciences
Chief Strategy & Principal Officer: Anna Bertona €502m annual total sales 2014 340 people in the commercial organisation* Tony Craske Functionals, actives, fragrance and organic specialities All Personal Care applications 6 application laboratories Customers: 2,200 Commercial Organisation: 116 Turnover: €118m Matthew Dickman APIs, excipients Medical sector Pharmaceutical & veterinary producers Topical healthcare producers 2 application laboratories Customers: 1,600 Commercial Organisation: 70 Turnover: €144m Paul Houtman General food, basic ingredients, health foods, blends, smokes, flavours Food producers in all segments 8 application laboratories Customers : 4,900 Commercial Organisation: 150 Turnover: €230m Feed additives Feed materials Hygiene products & processing aids Customers: 200 Commercial Organisation: 4 Turnover: €9m * Includes P/T Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

7 Business Areas - Industrial
Chief Strategy & Principal Officer: Anna Bertona €471m annual total sales 2014 305 people in the commercial organisation* TBC Chemical producers Homecare & industrial cleaning Lubricants & metal working fluids Water treatment Paper, textile Agrochemicals 3 application laboratories (Homecare) Customers:5,300 Commercial Organisation: 170 Turnover: €285m Michel Dumusois Paints & varnishes Adhesives & sealants Ink Building & construction 1 application laboratory Customers: 2,700 Commercial Organisation: 98 Turnover: €125m Michel Dubois Rubber processors Compounder Tyre industry Flooring Masterbatch producers PVC processors PU industry Customers: 1,200 Commercial Organisation: 37 Turnover: €60m Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015 * Includes P/T

8 Azelis Value Proposition
Business and Industry Expertise – sustainable value growth Commercial Excellence Local industry experts ensuring strong customer intimacy Marketing activities (trend analysis, business opportunity analysis, promotion) Joint business development, market penetration and sales development plans Reporting aligned with supplier’s business and product structure/market segment Group common ERP and CRM (customer visits, sample, project tracking, pricing) Application Expertise Synergistic product portfolio Formulation databank and expertise Fully equipped laboratories (Personal Care, Food & Health, Pharma, Coatings, Homecare) Product qualification and approvals Confidential customer specific projects Responsible Care Centralised Quality & SHE management (protected MSDS) Regulatory compliance & support REACH compliance & "only representative" Meeting highest standards of all industries (BRC, HACCP, GMP, etc.) Azelis Corporate Presentation 2015

9 Azelis Poland sp. z o.o. 2015

10 Azelis Poland, at a glance
Established in 1995 as Arnaud Polska, part of the Azelis Group since 2007. Head office located in Poznań. 48 employees Nearly 1000 customers Industry focused organisation covering Life Sciences and Industrial applications (8 business lines). 4 Warehousing facilities (Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Łódź). 2 labs in Poznań: Food and Personal&Homecare

11 Azelis Poland - Business Organisation
Marcin Roszyk Managing Director Renata Bugiel Business Manager Jacek Ceglarski Business Manager Łukasz Kordon Sales Manager Łukasz Kordon Sales Manager Małgorzata Makówka Business Manager Jadwiga Kuzdrowska Business Manager Małgorzata Makówka Business Manager Witold Sliwiński Business Manager Małgorzata Chochoł Sales Manager Katarzyna Kulik Marzena Kurczyk-Półchłopek Bartłomiej Sztoler Sales Managers Barbara Głaczkowska Bartosz Ciemiecki Jarosław Tarnicki Mieczysław Głaczkowski (agent) Sales Managers Karolina Graczyk Customer Service Karolina Graczyk Customer Service Paweł Pełka Mariusz Rosa Sales Managers Marcin Szmajter Technical Application Manager Małgorzata Makówka Elzbieta Tatara Małgorzata Chochoł Paulina Barczewska Michał Bukała Łukasz Łakomiak Customer Service Łukasz Kaniewski Customer Service Monika Olejniczak Anna Babicka Customer Service Agnieszka Wojno Customer Service Joanna Rauchut Evelina Łakomiak Customer Service Patrycja Steinke Customer Service

12 Azelis Poland – Services
[‎2015-‎11-‎02 4:26] Karolina Graczyk Sl: Patrycja Steinke [‎2015-‎11-‎02 4:26] Karolina Graczyk Sl: Patrycja Steinke Azelis Poland – Services Marcin Roszyk Managing Director Group Finance Supply Chain Manager Paweł Najmowicz HR Officer Reception Regional IT Coordinator Fragrance Evaluation Manager Regional Finance Manager Małgorzata Glapa Irena Rogaczewska Robert Florek Łukasz Szcześniak Adriana Tarczyńska (maternity leave) Marcin Adamczyk Tomasz Kozak (Logistic Coordinator) Monika Olejniczak Iwona Makowska Agnieszka Wojno Karolina Graczyk Ewelina Łakomiak Łukasz Łakomiak Grazyna Broda Joanna Rauchut Łukasz Kaniewski Patrycja Steinke Customer Service Regional Financial Controller Kinga Socha Regional Treasure Manager Anna Pietron Finance Manager Agnieszka Bursiak Katarzyna Jurgielewicz (maternity leave) Halina Solecka Tax Manager Marzena Borowska Dawid Kozlowski Financial Assistants

13 New Application Laboratory Promotional Finished Products, Customer Support & Seminars

14 Our recent marketing activities Seminars and workshops in our Food Application laboratory

15 PC& HC lab in Poznań - opened Nov 2013

16 Azelis Poland – Quality & sales support
Distribution centres Kampinos Gdynia Gdańsk Ołtarzew Azelis Poland Poznań Bydgoszcz Łódź Wrocław Lublin Rzeszów Radomsko Czeladź Kraków

17 Azelis Poland – Quality & sales support
Quality, environment, safety Azelis Poland: DSV Road Sp. z o.o. ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004

18 Azelis Poland – Quality & sales support
Quality of the deliveries 2015, services OTIF deliveries 2014 On Time in Full 95% Deliveries to customers in 24h Cross functional and professional Customer Service department Sample services

19 Logistics and Customer Service
Additional services -Central Purchasing Benefits for the suppliers: high efficiency – one order, one delivery, one invoice dealing with the customs economy of scale – low delivery costs short lead time – eastern and southern Europe Azelis Poland Azelis Russia Azelis Czech Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia Azelis Hungary Suppliers

20 Disclaimer The contents of this presentation may not be disclosed without our prior written consent to anyone other than directors, officers, employees and advisers of the intended audience, who are directly concerned with involvement in Azelis and where knowledge of it is essential for this purpose. The information contained in this presentation may not be relied on without our prior written consent. The intended audience may only rely on the information given in this presentation for the aforesaid purpose. No representation, warranty or other undertaking is made or given for the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the information and any liability therefore is excluded.

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