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Much, many, a lot of, some,any

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1 Much, many, a lot of, some,any

MUCH (przeczenia, pytania) MANY A BIT (TROSZKĘ) A FEW(KILKA)\ONE OR TWO SOME (twierdzenia) SOME ANY (pyt,przeczenia) ANY

3 HOW MUCH\MANY UŻYWAMY PYTAJĄC O ILOŚĆ: How much milk have we got
HOW MUCH\MANY UŻYWAMY PYTAJĄC O ILOŚĆ: How much milk have we got? -niepoliczalne How many bottles have we got?-policzalne

4 Much and many – use only in negatives and questions Do you have many friends? (policzalne) There isn’t much chocolate? (niepoliczalne) In affirmatives use a lot of I’ve got a lot of homework.

5 We haven’t got__________homework tonight.
He’s very popular –he’s got _____friends. Did you get__________presents for birthday? How _______apples have we got? Those big cars use_________fuel. There’s __________juice in the fridge.

6 TOO,TOO MUCH,TOO MANY TOO- UŻYWAMY TYLKO Z PRZYMIOTNIKIEM This computer is too old. TOO MUCH- Z NIEPOLICZALNYMI I drink too much coffee.(za dużo) TOO MANY- Z POLICZALNYMI We eat too many crisps.(za dużo)

7 enough Enough z przymiotnikiem(wystarczająco) This pizza is big enough. Enough z czasownikiem We don’t recycle enough. Enough z rzeczownikiem We have got enough sandwiches.

8 This town \has\not\got\shops She\did\not\save There\is\cake\for everyone Is\it\dry? This soup \is\not\hot Are\you\warm? We\have\not\got\money He\does\not\study.

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