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Www.weldon.pl. Weldon sp. z o.o. – about us: -The company follows the tradition of its legal predecessor founded in 2002. -We are a leader in modular.

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3 Weldon sp. z o.o. – about us: -The company follows the tradition of its legal predecessor founded in We are a leader in modular buildings in Poland. -We fabricate modular buildings, acoustic barriers, steel structures and offer galvanising services. -We have three manufacturing plants, one in Brzezówka and two in Dębica. -In August 2013, we set up our own galvanising plant in Dębica. -We employ 350 people. -We serve local governments, multinationals and private customers– we have got positive feedback from our clients. -Up to now, the company has installed more than 15 ths single containers and more than 0.5 mln m2 of acoustic barriers.

4 Cubature of the new plant in Brzezówka – m 2

5 Cubature of the new plant in Brzezówka – m 2

6 Machinery park

7 Galvanizing plant Weldon’s Company

8 Our offer: Modular Buildings project production assembly turnkey Acoustic Screens production assembly Steel construction project production assembly turnkey

9 Company Weldon certificates: Quality Management System ISO 9001:2009 Environmental Management System 14001:2005 Health and Safety Management System 18001:2004 Quality Management System AQAP 2110:2009 NATO Commercial and Government Entity CODE NCAGE: 2312H Quality Certificate EN ISO Cefticate factory production control EN Diploma of International Welding Engineer Qualification Certificate Welding Institute in Gliwice, qualifying Weldon to the Group of Large Enterprises

10 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall„ application range Application range of the panel: public roads without restrictions Traffic engineering objects without restrictions rail road structures (roads, rail railway civil engineering works) civil airports limited to dedicated parking places private estates industrial plants


12 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall" properties - Very high acoustic parameters - The modularity of the system - High durability and strength of the structure - The construction allows the growth of climbing plants - The base color of the panel - green, on request other colors available according with RAL colors

13 Panels type "Green Wall" require minimal costs and procedures in exploitation than other types of acoustic panels. These panels allows you to plant vegetation climbing constituting an interesting decorative element, allowing break the monotony and harshness of construction engineering. It affects the positive reception of noise barier by people, consequently contributes to the improvement of the subjective assessment of the effectiveness of protections.

14 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall"

15 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall" technical solutions

16 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall" solutions - technical doors

17 Acoustic screens of "Green Wall" storage area

18 Project: Ringroad Olsztynek

19 Project: Sweden Malmo

20 Project: Sweden Trelleborg

21 Project: Sweden Lerum

22 Project: Belgium Railway Drongen

23 Project: Highway A4 (Wierzchosławice - Krzyż)

24 Project: Highway A4 (Wierzchosławice - Krzyż)

25 Project: Highway A4 (Wierzchosławice - Krzyż)

26 Project: Highway A4 (Wierzchosławice - Krzyż)

27 Project: Highway A2 Konotopa D2

28 Project: State road DK1DK86 Tychy

29 Project: State road DK1DK86 Tychy

30 Reference list of our biggest projects total about m2: DatePlacem2 XII-2011-VI-2012Highway A2 Stryków - Konotopa odc.D ,0 III.2012-X.2012Highway A2 Stryków - Konotopa odc. C60 000,0 X.2011-VIII.2012Highway A4 Wierzchosławice - Krzyż30 000,0 X.2012-XII.2012Highway A4 Jarosław - Radymno1 500,0 VIII.2012-VI.2013Highway A4 Brzesko - Wierzchosławice ,0 X.2013Highway A4 węzeł Pustynia1 700,0 X.2011-II.2012Express road S1 Cieszyn14 000,0 III-2012-XI-2012Express road S7 Olsztynek - Nidzica18 000,0 IX.2012-VII.2013Express road S7 Kielce Chęciny57 000,0 VI.2012-VII.2012Express road S8 Wrocław - Oleśnica1 200,0 I.2013-V.2013Express road S17 Lublin17 000,0 III.2013-V.2013Express road S17 Świdnik Lublin3 000,0 IX.2013-V.2014Express road S17 Lublin 3,4.1, ,0 VIII.2010-X.2010Ringroad Pilzno1 500,0 VI.2011-X.2011East ringroad Kielce23 000,0 VII-2012-VIII.2013West ringroad Kielce56 000,0 III.2013-V.2013Ringroad Wojnicz1 000,0 VIII.2013Ringroad Tarnów2 000,0 VIII.2013-IX.2013Ringroad Leżajsk2 500,0 XI-2013-I.2014Ringroad Połaniec3 800,0 VII.2013-V.2014State road DK1 DK86 Tychy57 000,0 XII.2011-III.2012State road DK4 Pilzno - Machowa2 000,0 XI.2012State road Chmielnik-Osiek1 300,0 VI.2011-IX.2011State road DK Jaworzno2 000,0 III.2010-VIII.2010State road Warszawa al. Wilanowskie2 700,0 IX.2013-X.2013Railway Opole3 200,0 V.2013-VI.2013Railway Rzeszów Dębica6 000,0 X.2012-XI.2012Railway Miłkowice-Dobra3 700,0

31 DatePlace m2 IX.2012Denmark500,0 II.2012Sweden Malmo1 500,0 VIII.2012Sweden Trelleborg400,0 IX.2012Sweden Kristinastad1 100,0 I.2013-V.2013Sweden Lerum3 500,0 X.2013Romania Complex Energetic Oltenia700,0 X.2013-XII.2013Belgium Drongen10 000,0 Reference list of export:

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