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3 What is blood donation? Blood donation - social action aimed at obtaining blood from healthy individuals to those requiring blood transfusions.


5 Samples of blood

6 What is blood? Blood is the only fluid tissue in the human body. It performs many functions fundamental for life. Blood is produced in the bone marrow. The various components (red blood cells, white blood cells) have to do different tasks in the human body.

7 Samples of blood

8 Blood is an emergency treatment and is used only in those patients who have no possibility of using alternative therapy!

9 Proces oddawania krwi/The process of giving blood
Zabieg trwa od kilku do kilkunastu minut. Jednorazowo pobiera się 450 ml krwi. Ubytek ten u większości ludzi nie powoduje żadnych odczuć. Bardzo mały procent może doświadczać chwilowych zawrotów głowy, lecz po krótkim wypoczynku wszystko wraca do normy. Preparaty przechowywane są w wyspecjalizowanych bankach krwi.

10 Preparations are kept in the specialized blood banks.
The procedure takes from a few to several minutes. Once collected 450 ml of blood. The loss of this most people do not cause any injuries. Preparations are kept in the specialized blood banks.



13 How often can we give blood?
The so called ”whole blood” can be taken no more than 6 times a year from men and not more than four times a year from women, and the intervals between retrievals cannot be shorter than 8 weeks.


15 Who can give blood? Blood or plasma can be given by every healthy person aged 18 to 60 years. Older people can donate blood, exceptionally, after being selected by the physician or the Blood Donation Station. Blood donors must be healthy. Only then blood-donation will not be harmful to their body and to the people given the blood. Transfusion of blood or plasma containing the HIV virus that causes AIDS is especially dangerous. Blood donation must not cause injury to health of the donor,so all blood donors are subjected to medical examinations and laboratory tests.



18 Donated blood





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