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Stanislaw Drzewiecki.

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1 Stanislaw Drzewiecki

2 BIOGRAPHY At the age of six Stanislaw Drzewiecki went on his first concert tour to Japan, where, together with Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra conducted by Volker Schmidt-Gertenbach, he performed “First Children’s Piano Concerto” by Ilia Chkolnik, a Swiss composer. Recently this 14-year old musician has performed again with Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Bergen conducted by Philippe Jordan and with Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra conducted by José Cura. – the live coverage of the concert was given by NRK and the Polish Television. The artist’s repertoire includes eleven piano concertos, the performance of which was conducted by, M.Blaszczyk, T.Bugaj, B.Dawidow, A.Duczmal, J.Kosek, J. W.Michniewski, M.Pijarowski, J.Salwarowski , T.Strugala (Poland), A.E.Kaiser, B.Goetze, (Switzerland), J.Frantz (Germany) V.Zhadko(Ukraine), S.Young (Australia) and A.Hurgin, A.Podgorny, P.Kogan, L.Nicolayev (Russia) Since 1995 he has been attending Karol Szymanowski Music School in Warsaw and specialising in the piano under professor Tatiana Shebanova’s supervision.

3 His CD’s

4 First Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Concerto No 7 in G minor BWV 1058
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No 12 in A major KV 414 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No 2 in B flat major, Op. 19 Stanisław Drzewiecki - piano, Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski - conductor Chamber Orchestra "Mała Filharmonia"

5 Second Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata F-major op. 10 No. 2 Allegro Andante Allegro assai Frédéric Chopin Variations in D major on Moore for 4 hands op. 72 (with Tatiana Shebanova) Fantaisie-Impromptu in C sharp minor op. 66 Mazurkas op. 7 Nr 1 in B flat major Nr 2 in A minor Nr 3 in F minor Nr 4 in A flat major Nr 5 in C major Scherzo in B minor op. 20 Sergei Rachmaninoff Morceaux de fantaisie op. 3 Nr 1 Elégie in E flat minor Nr 2 Prélude in C sharp minor Nr 3 Mélodie in E major (first version) Nr 4 Polichinelle in F sharp minor Nr 5 Sérénada in B flat minor (second version) Stanisław Drzewiecki - piano

6 Third Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in E minor op. 11 Allegro maestoso Romance. Larghetto Rondo. Vivace Sinfonia Varsovia Grzegorz Nowak - conductor Stanisław Drzewiecki - piano 12 Etudes from op. 10 & op. 25 E major op. 10 No. 3 C sharp minor op. 10 No. 4 G flat major op. 10 No. 5 C major op. 10 No. 7 F major op. 10 No. 8 F minor op. 10 No. 9 A flat major op. 25 No. 1 F minor op. 25 No. 2 F major op. 25 No. 3 G sharp minor op. 25 No. 6 G flat major op. 25 No. 9 C minor op. 25 No. 12 Stanisław Drzewiecki - piano

7 Archive Photos

8 Stanisław Drzewiecki with Maestro Jose Cura after concert "Poland for Europe" in the Polish Theatre in Warsaw , February 2002.

9 Stanisław Drzewiecki with Maestro Grzegorz Nowak after symphonic concert in the Concert Studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw, July 2000.

10 Stanisław Drzewiecki with Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of the Republic of Poland in the President's Palace, February 1998.

11 Stanisław Drzewiecki with Prince Haakon Successor of the Norway's Throne after Eurovision Final Concert, June 2000

12 Stanisław Drzewiecki

13 Stanisław Drzewiecki May 2002

14 Stanisław Drzewiecki with .............., August 2001

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