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I C A R E AT H I L Warsaw – Strasbourg Collaboration.

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1 I C A R E AT H I L Warsaw – Strasbourg Collaboration



4 ICARE @ HIL MILE STONES 1)April 2004 – first ideas 2)December 2004 – official statement from IReS and HIL 3)December 2004 – program PICS dedicated for the project started 4)May 2005 – ICARE set-up test performed 5)July 2005 – experimental vault for ICARE adapted 6)November 2005 – ICARE transported to Warsaw 7)December 2005 – assembly of ICARE mechanical parts in the vault (with the help of IReS team)

5 ICARE @ HIL Research program 1)Distribution of Coulomb barriers measured in quasi-elastic reaction 2)Study of light fragment emission in deep inelastic collision 3)Structure of exotic nuclei produced in the exchange reactions 4)Study of nuclear deformation by probing energy spectra from fusion reaction products

6 ICARE: wydatki PNPN 2005 1Komputer DAQ2588,46 2Wyjazd do IReS; test ICARE3159,73 3Materiały do adaptacji hali1804,56 4Wyjazd do IReS; pakowanie ICARE2115,24 5Transport4564,73 14232,72

7 ICARE: minimalny plan wydatków 2006 1Steeringi (6 sztuk)6000,00 2Podpory steeringów1500,00 3Zasilacze steeringów2300,00 4Sterowanie zasilaczy2000,00 5Oprogramowanie steeringów1200,00 6Chłodzenie elektroniki600,00 13600,00


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