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Visit Bytów. TEUTONIC CASTLE One of the four castles in Pomerania.

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1 Visit Bytów


3 One of the four castles in Pomerania.

4 It was built by the Teutonic Knights.

5 Since the nineteenth century, repeatedly changed its function. It was: a prison court tax office. After World War I part of the castle was allocated to the stables. Currently, in the east wing, there is a library and the Museum of Western Kashubian. In the western wing there is a restaurant and a hotel.

6 The collection of exhibits concerning: fishing, beekeeping and hunting. The Museum of Western Kashubian

7 History lessons in museum... Take part in an interesting history lesson and learn about region’s history. There are many interesting topics to choose from.

8 Feel like a real Kashubian. After the lesson you can change your ordinary clothes into real Kashubian ones.

9 Hotel and Restaurant

10 St. Catherine Church

11 Roman Catholic parish, erected in 1238. It is the oldest parish in the town.

12 Orthodox church of St.George

13 Orthodox church of St. George is a Greek Orthodox church. It was built since 1675 to 1685.

14 Sources  http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzeum_Zachodnio-Kaszubskie_w_Bytowie http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzeum_Zachodnio-Kaszubskie_w_Bytowie  http://www.kaszubybezbarier.pl/Baza-atrakcji/BYTOW-Cerkiew-swietego-Jerzego http://www.kaszubybezbarier.pl/Baza-atrakcji/BYTOW-Cerkiew-swietego-Jerzego  http://www.travelin.pl/top/4-niesamowite-zamki-krzyzackie-polozone-na-pomorzu-zachodnim/zamek-w-bytowie http://www.travelin.pl/top/4-niesamowite-zamki-krzyzackie-polozone-na-pomorzu-zachodnim/zamek-w-bytowie

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