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The town of Milanowek and the area around it

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1 The town of Milanowek and the area around it


3 Tour to folk instrument gallery
Folk instrument gallery is the only collection of old and new instruments (about 1000 instruments and toys) in Poland. It is a very special gallery because you can touch and play all the instruments there. GALERIA INSTRUMENTÓW FOLKOWYCH ul. Łączna 1, Grodzisk Maz. tel ,

4 Tour to EKD museum It is an interesting museum in Grodzisk Mazowiecki where you can learn a lot about the history of polisch railway.  Muzeum Elektrycznej Kolei Dojazdowej ul. Batorego 23, Grodzisk Maz. tel. do sekretariatu WKD


6 Tour to Motorization museum
This place is really worth visiting. You can see many beautiful old cars there. Otrębusy Ul. Warszawska 21 Tel.(022)                                                                           


8 Tour to Frederic Chopin’s house in Zelazowa Wola
It is beautifully located in the vicinity of the Kampinos National Park. It is the world-famous sanctuary dedicated to Frideric Chopin s music.

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