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Urządzenia do pomiaru ostrości krawędzi tnących

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1 Urządzenia do pomiaru ostrości krawędzi tnących
Typical Force Curve Depth of cut Cutting Force [N] Anago Ltd. P.C. Dowd, R.W. McGorry, P.G. Dempsey, Cutting moments and grip forces in meat cutting operations and the effect of knife sharpness, Proceedings of 12th Conference of the New Zealand Ergonomics Society (2004) P.S.L. Anderson, M. LaBarbera, Functional consequences of tooth design: effects of blade shape on energetics of cutting, The Journal of Experimental Biology 211 (2008) S.V. Hainsworth, R.J. Delaney, G.N. Rutty, How sharp is sharp? Towards quantification of the sharpness and penetration ability of kitchen knives used in stabbings, International Journal of Legal Medicine 122 (2008)

2 Badanie ostrości noży kuchennych
Differences in cutting forces vs. distance from blade tip after 1, 3, 5 and 7 passes through sandpaper, as compared to the sharp condition Sharpness test cutting forces before (dashed line) and after (solid line) three nicks were made on the blade. The nicks are apparent as force peaks on the solid line at approximately 1.5, 4.9, and 8.1 cm from the blade tip R.W. McGorry, P.C. Dowd, P.G. Dempsey, A technique for field measurement of knife sharpness, Applied Ergonomics 36 (2005)

3 Badanie procesu cięcia nożami kuchennymi
L. Claudon, J. Marsot, Effect of knife sharpness on upper limb biomechanical stresses - a laboratory study, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 36 (2006) J. Marsot, L. Claudon, M. Jacqmin, Assessment of knife sharpness by means of a cutting force measuring system, Applied Ergonomics 38 (2007)

4 Wpływ stanu krawędzi ostrza na proces cięcia mięsa
Krawędź noża po obróbce zgrubnej (Z) Krawędź noża po obróbce dokładnej (D) P D Z Krawędź noża po polerowaniu (P) R.W. McGorry, P.C. Dowd, P.G. Dempsey, The effect of blade finish and blade edge angle on forces used in meat cutting operations, Applied Ergonomics 36 (2005)

5 Badania procesu cięcia włókien tekstylnych
Morphology of virgin blade edge Deformated blade edge after one cut of Zylon yarn 10μm 10μm H.-S. Shin, D.C. Erlich, D.A. Shockey, Test for measuring cut resistance of yarns, Journal of Materials Science 38 (2003)

6 Badania ostrości ostrzy chirurgicznych
C.T. McCarthy, M. Hussey, M.D. Gilchrist, On the sharpness of straight edge blades in cutting soft solids: Part I – indentation experiments, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 74 (2007)

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