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In the mobile showroom. Excuse me. Welcome, sir!

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1 In the mobile showroom

2 Excuse me. Welcome, sir!

3 Could you show me a good mobile phone? Anything special?

4 Any good camera phone. Please come here.

5 How much is this Nokia model? Its price is 300 pounds.

6 It is really costly. But its a very good model.

7 Can you tell me something about its camera? Its 1.3 mega pixel. Printing result is excellent

8 Have you got a cheaper one? This model is very similar and it costs only 250 pounds.

9 Will you give a warranty card? Yes, for two years.

10 OK, so I'll take this second one. Can I pay by my credit card? Of course, Sir. Thank you.

11 KONIEC Autorzy prezentacji i dialogu: Janus Artur Trębarczyk Jakub Sokół Mariusz Z serdecznymi podziękowaniami dla pracowników sklepu

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