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Famous people from Great Britain

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1 Famous people from Great Britain

2 Adele Adele was born in She’s a British singer. When the girl was sixteen, she wrote her first song „Hometown Glory”. Adele recorded song to film Skyfall beneath the same title. She’s got a powerful voice. Adele can play guitar, piano, keyboard and percussion. In 2012 was published Adele’s biography.

3 Amy Winehouse Amy was born in London. She came from Jewish family. When Amy was ten, she formed a band Sweet’n’Sour. In 2003 singer released a debut CD. Amy was very popular in this time. Three years later was published her second CD „Back to Black”. Singer died in 2011.

4 Hugh Laurie Hugh was born in 1959 in Oxford. He’s an actor. He learned in Eton. Laurie debuted in Dr. House. He played there a ironic doctor. The series was and is very famous. Hugh played in Stuart Little. He wrote two books: „The paper solider” and „The Gun Seller”.

5 Mick Jagger Mick Jagger comes from Dartford. He is a vocalist in famous band The Rolling Stones. In 1984 Mick recorded single „State of Schock” with The Jacksons. He’s 15th of 100 best singer ever. Ten years ago Jagger published album „Goodness in the Doorway”.

6 Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher was a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 – She’s nicknamed was Iron Lady. This famous woman reformed a country. She got three awards in Poland. In the world is a lot of books about Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher died 8th April 2013.

7 Robert Pattinson He’s a british actor. Robert was born in London. We know him from Twilight Saga. An actor played there a vampire. He recorded two songs to this film „Never think” and „Let me sing”. Robert Pattinson was Harry Potter’s rival too. He played in the fourth part i.e. „Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.

8 Źródła: http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Adele?ac=adele

9 Przygotowała Paula Piczak kl.IIa

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