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Kings of Poland by Hania Jaczewska.

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1 Kings of Poland by Hania Jaczewska

2 Mieszko I the first king of Poland baptized Poland in 966
a member of the Piast dynasty born ca. 930 died on 25th May 992 in Poznan he had 2 wives: Dobrawa and Oda he had 5 children

3 Poland between

4 Boleslaw I Chrobry born in 967 in Poznan
the first crowned king (18 April 1025) died on 17 June 1025 he had 4 wives : 2 unknown, Emnilda and Oda he organized famous meeting with Otton III, the emperor of Germany, in Gniezno

5 Poland between

6 Casimir III the Great one of the greatest kings
The last king of Poland from the Piast dynasty he built up strong and rich country born on 30 April 1310 in Kowal died on 5 November 1370 he reformed our monetary system

7 Poland between

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