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ZNP against homophobia

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1 ZNP against homophobia
Dorota Obidniak European Equality Committee Brussels, May 2011

2 Situation of LGBTQ people in Poland
Anna Urbańczyk, who talked about the situation of LGBTQ people in Poland, is a vice-president of The Campaign Against Homophobia – one of the non-governmental organizations that has been working closely with the ZNP for 5 years now. Our cooperation began when the ZNP protested against human rights violation officially and publicly for the first time in 2006, when the then mayor of Warsaw and the late president of Poland Lech Kaczynski banned the organization of the Pride Parade in Warsaw. The ZNP was at that time the only trade union and the only social organization that didn’t belong to the NGOs which spoke out in defense of the rights of sexual minorities. We came back to this problem in the consecutive years and asked The Polish Ombudsman to examine whether the ban on organizing Pride Parades was in accordance with the constitution. It should be mentioned that apart from the mayor Lech Kaczynski, other mayors of Polish cities also tried to ban the organisation of the parades. At that time we didn’t cooperate with any organizations defending the rights of sexual minorities – we just thought that combating all forms of discrimination was the moral duty of the trade union representing teachers. Situation of LGBTQ people in Poland

3 Poland can be currently distinguished by:
One of the most rigorous anti-abortion laws Limited access to sex education (approximately 30% of students attend classes) An unusual degree of ideology involved in sex education („Education for the family life” is subjected to strict control of the Church and implemented in accordance with its doctrine on the role of family, man and woman, etc.) The highest percentage of underage mothers (approximately 20,000 annually) Lack of access to free contraceptives Lack of access to sexual counseling and free medical care within the scope of sexual health When analyzing the situation of LGBTQ people in Poland we should take into consideration a broader context and realize that the problems of sexual minorities result to a large degree from the fact that all areas of life related to sexuality, sexual rights and sex education are generally considered taboo. Sexual rights: an IPPF declaration (International Planned Parenthood Federation)

4 Sexual rights are human rights related to sexuality … but in the past
It seems quite unbelievable that the basic principle expressed in the IPPF declaration was respected in Poland in the past and that Poland was very progressive country: The penalty for homosexuality was abolished in 1932 (England 1967, Scotland 1980, Northern Ireland 1982) Abortion was legal in the years – in some sense, the current law takes us back to the legal status of 1932 These facts lead to conclusion that the rights – human rights are given not for ever, that regress is ever possible, and if the society is not sensible and aware enough losing of this rights is very possible and have dramatic consequences Sexual rights are human rights related to sexuality … but in the past

5 First steps, first activities
These activities led us to initiate first joint projects: seminars for the ZNP regional leaders training sessions led by the leaders and educators from the LGBTQ communities organization of a working group on equality in the ZNP Executive Board (now is this group standing Committee) demonstrations with the participation of the organizations representing LGBTQ communities involvement in the preparation of the accompanying program EuroPride 2010 assistance in preparing reports, conducting research press releases and promotin of books press conferences These activities may seem very limited to the members of the trade unions which have been acting against discrimination of LGBTQ people at school and at work for decades. The ZNP is well aware of the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done in this matter in Poland, which is best reflected by the map prepared by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA). First steps, first activities

6 Current activities of the ZNP and its Partners
Creation of professional lobbying platforms: Alliance for compulsory sex education Coalition for Equal Opportunities Coalition for anti-discrimination education Beginning of work on a common education portal Creation of a network of organizations for exchanging information and good practices Current activities of the ZNP and its Partners

7 Current activities of the ZNP and its Partners
Legislative action (slow changes in legislation, e.g. introduction of compulsory sex education from 2012), opinions on legal acts, etc. Preparation of publications, exhibitions, artistic activities, etc. related to discrimination at school Creation of networks of schools free from discrimination Works on the teachers’ professional code of ethics, which contains provisions on preventing discrimination Current activities of the ZNP and its Partners

8 Importance of civil society
(…)ZNP wrote a protest against the statements of the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment Elzbieta Radziszewska. In her controversial interview on the television programme "Dzień dobry TVN" she suggested that catholic schools should have the right not to employ teachers who are homosexuals. Homosexuality goes against the catholic point of view (dogma). The minister said that it would be enough even not to offer homosexuals teaching positions if their sexual preferences clash with the general beliefs and opinions of a certain group of people or the community. School is supposed to teach tolerance and you breach the basic human rights Ms Radziszewska – the members of the Polish Teachers’ Union have written in their open letter. Those comments were scandalous and they breach the basic human rights – says the President of ZNP Sławomir Broniarz in the protest. The unionists compare Radziszewska’s statements to the actions taken by the former Minister of Education Roman Giertych (LPR) in the governmental coalition between PiS, LPR and Samoobrona.(…) In the film, which I had the opportunity to present, we underlined the importance of social attitudes and the determination of civil society to fight for the rights of the discriminated. This is particularly important in the country where state institutions set up to prevent discrimination do not want to be and, in fact, are not sufficiently effective, regardless of the party affiliation of the leaders of these institutions. The following public statements constitute examples of the lack of competence, knowledge but also politicians’ sensitivity Importance of civil society

9 Benefits Gaining new friends
Gaining a deeper and wider perspective as far as the problems of discrimination are concerned, especially the discrimination of LGBTQ people Using the expert base formed by the NGOs Gaining support in the promotion and implementation of the demands on modernizing sex education and school culture Renovating our role as teachers union in nowadays society Benefits

10 The ZNP and foreign partners vs. preventing discrimination
Beginning of training sessions on the prevention of discrimination for the regional representatives with the help and cooperation of GEW Assistance in conducting research carried out by the Danish Institute for the Prevention of Discrimination Preparation for the participation in three international projects financed from the EU funds The ZNP and foreign partners vs. preventing discrimination

11 The ZNP efforts on the international scene have been appreciated by ETUCE, EI, the European Commission – presentation of the ZNP activities in the Report of the European Commission as an example of good practices; the activities of 15 out of 150 organizations have been chosen for the presentation (Madrid 2010) Presentation of the film on the activities of the ZNP and its partners at the EU Equality Summit in Brussels (November 2010) – the summit was organized by the Belgian Presidency ZNP change image

12 Reaction to the position of the ZNP of October 23rd 2010
Reaction to the position of the ZNP of October 23rd Statement regarding employment discrimination against teachers: ml radziszewska-temat-do-dyskusji przeciwko-wypowiedzi-minister-radziszewskiej.html otwarte-do-premiera-d-tuska-ws.html opat_broni_Radziszewskiej___Czlowiek_ma_prawo.h tml Radziszewska_lamie_prawa_czlowieka.html A list of links to newspaper and websites articles, in which the position of the ZNP has been cited and presented ZNP change image

13 Baba u cukiernika Jarosław Reszka Express Bydgoski str. 2 U nas Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego WF pod miażdżącą krytyką Hanna Walenczykowska Express Bydgoski str. 7 Bydgoszcz Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Ku pamięci nauczycieli mt Gazeta Lubuska str. 3 Żary Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Pani minister, która dzieli Tatiana Mikułko Gazeta Lubuska str. 2 O tym się mówi Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Praktyki za Odrą nie znikną Leszek Kalinowski Gazeta Lubuska str. 6 Wokół nas Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Radziszewska zostanie Tomasz Szukała, PAP Polska Głos Wielkopolski str. 14 Fakty Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Radziszewska zostaje? kb, mns Rzeczpospolita str. 5 Kraj Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego PSL nas wyedukuje Gazeta Wyborcza str. 2 Kielce Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego JANUSZ KĘDRACKI Official under fire for 'homophobic' remarks Warsaw Business Journal str. 3 News Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Alice Trudelle    Abp Nycz broni Radziszewskiej Metro (PL) str. 2 Wydarzenia Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego Minister bronią biskupi Rzeczpospolita str. 5 Kraj Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego graż, pap

14 Our motto

15 Thank you very much for your attention!
Dorota Obidniak

16 Rainbow Europe Map 2011 of ILGA
ILGA Europe has prepared a graphic outlining the legal situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans people in Europe. The map clearly shows that with the exception of Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic the legal situation of LGBTQ people in Central and Eastern Europe is definitely worse than in Northern and Western parts of the region. Rainbow Europe Map 2011 of ILGA

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