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IEEE Xplore Anna Abramowska EBSCO Sp. z o.o. Częstochowa, 25-10-2011.

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1 IEEE Xplore Anna Abramowska EBSCO Sp. z o.o. Częstochowa, 25-10-2011

2 PLAN PREZENTACJI Informacje o wydawcy IEEE Informacje o IEEE Xplore Digital Library IEEE Xplore Demo Pytania 1/2/20142

3 Worlds largest technical membership association with more than 400,000 members (80,000 students) in over 160 countries >900 members in Poland; Core areas of activity –Membership –Publishing –Conferences –Standards –Education IEEEs Mission Advancing technology for humanity O IEEE

4 Alexander Graham BellThomas A. Edison A small group of individuals met in New York and founded the AIEE to advance the new field and represent the US at the 1884 International Electrical Exhibition in Philadelphia. 1884: The American Institute of Electrical Engineers is founded

5 Radio, a new electrical technology, arose in the first decade of the twentieth century. With the new industry came a new society, IRE, modeled on the AIEE, but devoted to radio, and later increasingly to electronics. 1922 Triode vacuum tube inventor Lee de Forest with a radio 1912 Radio telegraph operators communications with the sinking Titanic demonstrated the power of radio 1901 Guglielmo Marconi and George Kemp with equipment used in transatlantic wireless telegraphy 1912: The Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) is founded

6 AIEE + IRE = IEEE The idea that there should be one organization for all electrical engineers was an old one, and became more powerful as the profession expanded beyond its separate roots in power and radio. In 1962, the boards and memberships of the two institutes agreed to merge. On January 1, 1963, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers was born with 150,000 members. 1962 Symposium on the proposed merger, IRE National Convention Special merger issue of the Proceedings of the IRE The badge of the new IEEE combined the right hand rule from the IRE with the kite from the AIEE

7 PLAN PREZENTACJI About IEEE O IEEE Xplore Digital Library Whats New New IEEE Xplore Demo Questions & Answers 1/2/20147

8 The IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) Zawiera 30% literatury światowej z dziedzin takich jak electrical engineering, electronics, and computer science. Ponad 3 mil iony pełnotekstowych artykułów Napisanych przez ponad 1.4 miliona autorów w tym około 10 000 z Polski ; 149+ IEEE i IET* recenzowanych czasopism Materiały Konferencyjne z ponad 1100 konferencji 1 74,900+ Nowe pozycje w 2010 Około 3000 standard ów IEEE, np. Standard #802.11 – the WiFi standard *IET= Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)

9 400+ eBooks wspólny pakiet książek elektronicznych z wydawnictwem Wiley Group 5 czasopism AIP*/AVS** IET*** conferences, journals & magazines IBM Journal of Research & Development Inspec indexing for all articles Educational Courses Zawartość archiwalna wstecz do 1988 *AIP= American Institute of Physics; **AVS= American Vacuum Society; ***IET= Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK) Publikacje dostępne na platformie I EEE Xplore

10 IEEE zamierza zdygitalizować archiwa od w olum inu 1, numeru 1 Ponad 250,000 d o k ument ów dodano od 2003 –Transactions of the AIEE wstecz do 1893 –Historical content from over 60 IEEE titles from twenty participating societies IET Legacy –Electronics Letters wstecz do 1965 Prenumeratorzy nie ponoszą dodatkowych kosztów Archiwa IEEE są wzbogacane

11 Dlaczego zawartość IEL jest tak cenna ? IEEE recenzuje publikacje - the process in which a journal article or conference paper is submitted by the prospective publisher to experts in the field for critical evaluation prior to publication, a standard procedure in scholarly publishing. Synonymous with referred or juried review. Key questions asked in the peer review process: –Is the science accurate? –Does the paper make a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in its field? Assures credibility and authority of content –Beyond news or business trade sources –Far beyond open web content Publikacje IEEE są najczęściej cytowanymi w literaturze technicznej i standardach. Profesjonalna treść Peer Reviewed Periodicals and Conference Proceedings

12 Na podstawie najnowszego raportu, IEEE wydaje : # 1 journal in Electrical and Electronic Engineering # 1 in Imaging Science # 1 in Robotics # 1 in Artificial Intelligence # 1 in Transportation Technology # 4 in Biomedical Engineering 16 of the top 20 journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 9 of the top 10 journals in Telecommunications 11 of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture 8 of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Software Engineering 3 of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Information Systems Profesjonalna treść Najczęściej cytowany wydawca w naukach technicznych jak wynika z raportu Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report The ISI JCR published by Thomson Reuters presents quantifiable statistical data that provides a systematic, objective way to evaluate the worlds leading journals (2009 Report released June 2010) 12

13 IEEE cited 3.5x more than nearest competitor IEEE is 1st! U.S. patent references from the top 25 patenting organizations in 2008 to top publishers Based on number of references to papers/standards/conferences from 1997-2008 Patent References to STM Publishers Source: 1790 Analytics 2008 IEEE

14 AEROSPACE communications CIRCUITS COMPUTING Wszechstronne źródło wiedzy IEEE wydaje publikacje dotyczące różnych zagadnień technicznych To więcej niż tylko electrical engineering & computer science

15 Nowości IEEE - czasopisma IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing IEEE Biometrics Compendium IEEE Magnetic Letters IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 20102011

16 IEEE Xplore Mobile http://m.ieeexplore.ieee.org/ Search IEEE Xplore on the go: 1.Get the top 10 search results 2.View abstracts 3.E-mail yourself the article

17 Korzystanie z publiakcji IEEE wzrasta IEEE Confidential & Proprietary

18 IEEE Index Terms Were Implemented in Release 3.4 (April 13, 2011) 1/2/201418

19 CYTOWANIA Release 3.4 (April 13, 2011) 1/2/201419 Last reference cited in this article Articles citing this article, published by IEEE Articles citing this article, published by others

20 1/2/201420 "Sort by Most Cited" - Function was Implemented in Release 3.5 (June 1, 2011)

21 1/2/201421 HTML Full Text: The Scientific Article of the Future This feature is best enjoyed in a live demonstration

22 PYTANIA ? Anna Abramowska AAbramowska@ebsco.com Technical Support – onlinesupport@ieee.org +1 732 981 0060 Client Services – Elka Sloan e.sloan@ieee.org +49 170 806 50 92 http://www.ieee.org/go/clientservices

23 Prezentacja online IEEE Xplore - Home

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