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Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher 1890 – 1962

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1 Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher 1890 – 1962

2 Urodzony: 17 luty 1890, Londyn Zmarły: 29 lipiec 1962, Adelaida, Australia Zainteresowania: statystyka matematyczna teoria prawdopodobieństwa genetyka projektowanie eksperymentów

3 1904: Stypenduim matematyczne w Harrow
1909: Stypendium matematyczne w Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 1911: Za sprawą Fishera tworzy się Cambridge University Eugenics Society

4 1912: Pierwsza opublikowana praca
1912 –1913: Praca na farmie w Kanadzie 1913: Statystyk w Mercantile and General Investment Company w Londynie : Nauczyciel matematyki i fizyki

5 1919: Statystyk w Rothamsted Agricultural Experimental Station
1933: Chair of Eugenics at University College, London 1943: Balfour Professor of Genetics, Cambridge University 1957: President of Gonville and Caius College

6 „However, it was Ronald Fisher who appreciated the importance of Gosset's small-sample work, after Gosset had written to him to say I am sending you a copy of Student's Tables as you are the only man that's ever likely to use them!. Fisher believed that Gosset had effected a “logical revolution”. Ironically the t-statistic for which Gosset is famous was actually Fisher’s creation. Gosset's statistic was z = t/√(n - 1). Fisher introduced the t-form because it fitted in with his theory of degrees of freedom.”

7 W 1922 przedstawił nową definicję statystyki
W 1922 przedstawił nową definicję statystyki. Jej celem była redukcja danych. 3 główne zdefiniowane przez niego problemy to: specyfikacja rodzaju populacji, z której pochodzą dane estymacja rozkład


9 „He was capable of tremendous charm, and warmth in friendship
„He was capable of tremendous charm, and warmth in friendship. But he also was the victim, as he himself recognised, of an uncontrollable temper; and his devotion to scientific truth as he saw it being literally passionate, he was an implacable enemy of those whom he judged guilty of propagating error.”

10 „As a penetrating thinker Fisher was outstanding; but his writings are difficult for many readers. Indeed, some of his teachings have been most effectively conveyed by the books of others who have been able to simplify their expression. As a lecturer also, Fisher was too difficult for the average student; his classes would rapidly fall away until only two or three students who could stand the pace remained as fascinated disciples...

11 ...Nor was he particularly successful as an administrator; he perhaps failed to appreciate the limitations of the ordinary man. But with his wide interests and penetrating mind he was a most stimulating and sympathetic conversationalist.”

12 R. A. Fisher był członkiem:
The Royal Society United States National Academy of Sciences American Academy of Arts and Sciences American Philosophical Society American Statistical Association International Statistical Institute, honorowy prezydent

13 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Royal Danish Academy of Sciences Pontifical Academy Imperial German Academy of Natural Science International Statistical Institute, honorowy prezydent

14 Bibliografia Encykolpedia statystyki

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